Canterbury's History

Canterbury Foundation was founded in 1994 as a for-profit corporation by four individuals.

Canterbury's Mission Statement

Our mission in the school for Quality Learning is to provide a people-focused, supportive, and challenging environment within which every learner (meaning both staff and students) vigorously pursues quality in both behavior and learning, becoming a lifelong self-evaluating, productive, caring, and responsible member of a diverse and constantly changing world.

Canterbury's Vision Statement

Canterbury's vision is to provide all students the opportunity to learn in a supportive, nurturing, safe and positive environment where everyone, both student and teacher is respected and given the chance to maximize his/her potential thus allowing the teacher to facilitate, create, challenge and guide students into academic success, while allowing the student to excel with a variety of instructional practices to support learning

Canterbury's Belief Statement

Canterbury believes that learning should afford every student diversity, novelty, and openness thus stimulating curiosity and exploration.  The classroom should be learner-centered; featuring personalized, experimental, and experiential learning opportunities that stimulate teamwork, flexibility, and problem solving.  The classroom should promote cooperation, social conscience, and group interaction while encouraging risk taking in order to learn the use of skills necessary to survive in real world situations.